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    Diamond employees and President Hongshuihe, vice president Hong Bingcheng

    On the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the founding of Zishan, in order to commend the advanced, set an example, carry forward the "Zishan 

    spirit", and uphold the mission of providing safe, healthy and assured food for the society. After the company's research and decision, 18 comrades 

    such as caijincheng were awarded the eighth batch of "Diamond employees" honorary titles. The group company calls on all employees to learn 

    from them, continue to carry forward dedication and love the company, be loyal and inspired, and continue to make new contributions to the 

    construction of "innovative Zishan, intelligent Zishan, safe Zishan and happy Zishan"!

    ★List of the employees to be commended★

    [Ministry of Fisheries]

    Caijincheng Hongjiaohui Hongzonghui


    Yan Xiuyu,Jian Meihou, he Xiuli

    Hong Penzhu, Hong Chazhi, Xu Baolian, Zhou Bi lian

    Zhang Baozhen, Lai Lianzhu

    [mineral water factory]

    Zheng Senjin , Yan Qingshan

    [food technology]

    Wang Xiuhua , Yan Shajiao

    [equipment department]

    Liu Muxi


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